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Empowering Healthcare with Machine Learning: A Hands-On Approach

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This tutorial offers an insightful journey into machine learning (ML) in healthcare, tailored for the Women in Data Science community. We’ll explore ML’s fundamental concepts, delve into its transformative role in healthcare, and highlight real-world applications. A key feature is the hands-on session, where participants apply ML techniques in a practical healthcare scenario. Designed to be both informative and interactive, this tutorial aims to empower attendees with a deeper understanding of ML’s impact on healthcare and inspire further exploration in the field.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding of ML Fundamentals: Participants will gain a solid grasp of basic machine learning concepts and algorithms, and how they are categorized into supervised and unsupervised learning.

Insights into ML’s Role in Healthcare: The tutorial will illuminate the transformative impact of ML in healthcare, including applications in disease diagnosis, treatment personalization, and healthcare operations.

Practical Experience: Attendees will engage in a hands-on exercise, applying ML techniques to a real-world healthcare scenario, enhancing their practical skills.

Awareness of Real-World ML Applications: The session provides concrete examples of how ML is being used in the healthcare industry today, demonstrating its tangible benefits.

Inspiration for Future Learning: Participants will leave inspired to further explore the potential of machine learning in healthcare and consider its implications for future innovations in the field.

Workshop Instructors

Millicent Ocheing

Data & Applied Scientist, Microsoft

Diana Mutheu

Associate Data Scientist, Roche