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Lead the Movement in Your Community

Join our vibrant and supportive network of Ambassadors for 2024!

When you become a WiDS Ambassador, you represent WiDS in your community by planning events to support women currently ​in data science and to ​inspire other women to join the field.

Applications Are Open!
Become a leader in your community by becoming a WiDS Ambassador.
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Regional Events



How to Apply


Read the WiDS event requirements.

Find the event requirements here.

Fill out the license agreement and submit your application.

Complete the application with information about you and your planning team, and upload the signed WiDS license.

Wait for a response from our team.

A member of the WiDS team will get back to you for approval, and you can get started planning your event using the WiDS-in-a-Box resources.

Ambassador Information

Ambassadors get free access to:

  • Fantastic, relevant technical content to use during a regional event that you plan.
  • Conference and workshop planning, branding, and promotional materials, including templates​​
  • Virtual event planning guide
  • On-going updates from, and access to, the WiDS Worldwide planning team
  • Opportunities to network with other WiDS Ambassadors worldwide, both online and in-person (whenever possible)
  • Be featured on the WiDS Ambassador page on our website

WiDS-in-a-Box Resources

  • Ambassador Guide – Step-by-step instructions with links to resources​ and a checklist ​to keep you on track.
  • Event Planning Resources – Event planning templates for sponsorship, budget, speaker invitations, and more.
  • Event Marketing Templates – Promotional templates for presentations, agenda, website, program, and more​.

Questions about the Ambassador Program?

2023-2024 Ambassador Advisory Committee

Photo of Amanda Milberg
Amanda Milberg

Data Scientist, Dataiku

Photo of Amy Jaggard
Amy Jaggard

Program Director

Photo of Amy Kaczur
Amy Kaczur

Administrative Assistant II, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Photo of Anita Kloss-Brandstätter
Anita Kloss-Brandstätter

Professor, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences​

Photo of Areej Al-Wabil
Areej Al-Wabil

Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Alfaisal University

Photo of Cathy Chute
Cathy Chute

Executive Director/Assistant Dean, Harvard University

Photo of Jessica Dunn
Jessica Dunn

SVP, Senior Data Scientist, Bank of America

Photo of Kate Kolich
Kate Kolich

Asst Governor, General Manager Information, Data & Analytics, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Photo of Khairat Ayinde
Khairat Ayinde

Data Science Community Lead, Harrena African Talents

Photo of Kholoud Khateeb
Kholoud Khateeb

Anaylytics & Business Intelligence Head, Health Holding Company

Photo of Kyoko Nishito
Kyoko Nishito

Data and AI Technical Specialist, IBM Japan

Photo of Lauren DiPerna
Lauren DiPerna

Data Scientist, AI Consulting, Dataiku

Photo of Mahadia Tunga
Mahadia Tunga

Co-Founder & Director, Tanzania Data Lab

Photo of Mariana Ungureanu
Mariana Ungureanu

President, Think Tank 360

Photo of Mario Chong
Mario Chong

Professor, Universidad del Pacífico

Photo of Michelle Rodriguez Serra
Michelle Rodriguez Serra

Professor and Researcher at Universidad del Pacifico

Photo of Millicent Ocheing
Millicent Ocheing

Data & Applied Scientist, Microsoft

Photo of Olivia Pfeiler
Olivia Pfeiler

Head of Data Science, KAI - Kompetenzzentrum Automobil- und Industrieelektronik GmbH

Photo of Philomena ​Githiri
Philomena ​Githiri

Data Scientist, Safaricom, PLC

Photo of Shelly Darnutzer
Shelly Darnutzer

Director of Strategic Impact and Growth

Photo of Tim Macuga
Tim Macuga

Senior Project Officer, QUT Center for DS & Australian DS Network