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Empowering Women in Data Science: A Source of Inspiration

At WiDS Worldwide, our mission is to foster the active participation, growth, and empowerment of women in the data science arena. Explore our platform to gain valuable insights from renowned keynote speakers, deepen your knowledge through partnerships and collaborations, and access compelling videos from trusted and influential voices in the field.

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Latest Blog

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Latest Podcast

EP. 50

Margot Gerittsen speaks with Colleen Farrelly, Mathematician at Post Urban Ventures and Author of The Shape of Data: Geometry-Based Machine Learning and Data Analysis in R. Colleen is known for network science, topological data analysis, and geometry-based machine learning. This podcast covers the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary work and her journey in the discipline of data science.

EP. 49

Listen to the incredible and inspiring journey of Avalon Baldwin’s career journey. A self-described data nerd, she was not only the first in her family to attend college, she went on to get a graduate degree. Today she is an entrepreneur running her own consulting company. In conversation with Chisoo Lyons, Avalon shares how curiosity, mentorship, and coaching made a difference in her life.

EP. 48

In this episode, Margot Gerittsen speaks with Kim Grauer. Kim is the Director of Research at Chainalysis, where she examines trends in cryptocurrency economics and crime. Listen as she talks about her obsession with fighting fraud in the cryptocurrency market.

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