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WiDS Videos

With our extensive collection of talks from Conferences, Workshops, and Datathons, you can easily search by topic and language. Delve into the innovative technical work of thousands of exceptional women in academia, industry, government, and nonprofits across the globe. Explore our archive of videos and discover outstanding women in data science, AI, and technical fields worldwide.

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Como enseñarte a ti mismo Procesamiento de Lenguaje Natural

TOPICS: Data Science as a Career

Business Intelligence y Big Data en los Negocios

TOPICS: Data Visualization

Recognizing Our Collective Power for Change

TOPICS: Data Science as a Career, Domains, Values

Systemic Bias, Leadership & Investing

TOPICS: Domains, Leadership/Management, Values

Women as Financial Decision-Makers: Unlocking Higher Returns and Lower Risk with the XX Edge

TOPICS: Data Science as a Career, Domains, Leadership/Management

Navigating the Trenches: Managerial Challenges in Machine Learning for Anti-Abuse

TOPICS: Data Science as a Career, Domains

Bursting Pipelines & Glass Cliffs: Women & Leadership in the MENA Region

TOPICS: Data Science as a Career, Domains, Featured

Improving the Human Condition with Data Science

TOPICS: Values

Can Artificial Intelligence Today “See” Beyond the Expert Clinical Eye?

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Generation/Collection, Domains, Values