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Generative AI, NLP, and Insights

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Workshop will start with a brief overview of generative AI models for text generation, including OpenAI’s GPT models. This will then transition into a brief demo of generative text models in action and some tips on good prompting.

We’ll then overview a few types of useful NLP tools, including emotional content scoring/advanced sentiment analysis, sentence embeddings, and classification models. We’ll then see these tools in action as we score a series of AI-generated sentences for sentiment, build sentence embeddings, and classify our text sample with an scikit-learn classification model.

We’ll finish the workshop with a brief discussion of NLP, generative models, and AI ethics (particularly around bias, good data sources, and the potential for technology misuse).

Participants will learn how to leverage NLP tools for both text generation and text classification on real-world problems with practical applications of AI ethics.

Event Program

July 28, 2023

*All times are UTC 7

Workshop Instructors

Colleen Farrelly

Chief Mathematician, Two Stealth Start-Ups and Candlesticks