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WiDS Maastricht

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2024 will be the fifth year that the Institute of Data Science will be hosting the WiDS Maastricht Datathon to inspire everyone (women and men!) to learn more about data science and to create a supportive environment for everyone to connect with others in their community.

The event will be a 2-day in-person event including training sessions in the morning of both days, hacking sessions, lunch, Yoga sessions, and networking.

In addition to the global competition, we will provide two prizes for two local winner teams in Maastricht. One is the team that gets the highest score on the Kaggle competition, the other one is called the responsible data science pioneer team – who might not achieve the highest score but do study the dataset background, consider the transparency and fairness of the model/result, have a great performance to pitch their method in our event.

Pre-training and tutoring support

Both the data challenge and the competition are hosted on the Kaggle Platform.

If you have not participated in Kaggle competitions before, or if you do not have sufficient data science skills, you can join our pre-training sessions to help you to use Kaggle platform, understand the dataset, introduce data analysis pipeline, brainstorming on possible solutions, etc.  The pre-training sessions will take place on Friday 2 February from 10:00-11:00 and on Saturday 3 February from 09:30-10:30.

As a warm-up for the Datathon, people who have experience in data science are also very welcome to join: Help others and get to know your team members for the Datathon!


Workshop Instructors

Event Ambassadors