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WiDS Quito @ UDLA

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WiDS Quito @UDLA 2024 is a prominent empowerment conference dedicated to Women in Data Science and Generative Artificial Intelligence. Scheduled for April 4, 2024, the event addresses the theme “Women, Data Science, and Generative Artificial Intelligence,” showcasing the significant contributions of women in these fields. The day includes various activities, from lectures to a panel discussion, providing a space to explore and highlight women’s presence in these disciplines.

The event features several lectures throughout the day. Ana Lucía Oña Macías from Switzerland will tackle “Goodbye Dr. Google” in the first lecture, followed by Ana Belén Tulcanaza, a Data Science Researcher at UDLA, who will delve into “Sector-oriented Models,” Liliana Ibeth Barbosa Santillán from Mexico will explore “The Use of Data in Maritime Security.” These presentations offer diverse and specialized insights within the mentioned fields.

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