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Charity Taylor

EVp, Analytics, Publicis Collective

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States | North America

Charity Taylor found her way to the world of data and analytics more by accident than design. Her finance background, passion for data-driven decisions, and appreciation for the role of data structure in enabling analysis led her down a far more rewarding path than she could have imagined. She considers herself more a “logician” or “analytics translator” than a “data scientist”, but no matter the label, Charity is proud of the role she has played in advancing the use of data and analytics to fuel decisions across the automotive industry.

Charity has enjoyed the immense privilege of leading talented teams to transform data into information, solutions, and actionable recommendations that drive multi-billion-dollar marketing decisions for a broad array of clients. Her superpowers include…

• Connecting dots
• Seeing systems
• Identifying problems worth solving
• Creating high-quality data assets that deliver more signal than noise
• Leveraging those inputs – absolute, relative, or derived – to fuel operational decisions
• Partnering with C-suite decision-makers to convert insights into actions
• Building high-functioning teams that do the right thing even when no one else is watching

Charity resides in Michigan with her husband, daughters, and various pets. She is inordinately fond of vintage pickups and is never bored.

Workshop Instructor, 2024 Ambassador