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Keiko Kamei

Analytic Scientist II, FICO

San Francisco, CA, United States | North America

Keiko Kamei is an Analytic Scientist within the Scores and Predictive Analytics team at FICO. She joined the team shortly after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2019 with a degree in Applied Mathematics (concentration in Data Science). At Berkeley, she led developer teams to integrate data science modules into curricula that traditionally did not offer hands-on data science opportunities (e.g. legal studies, social inequalities). At FICO, she supports the research and analytic development of the flagship FICO® Scores, as well as new scoring solutions that leverage alternative data and promote financial inclusion. What Keiko loves about data science beyond its elegance, power, and endless creative applications is the supportive communities of brilliant and diverse minds it can bring together, like those she has been so fortunate to be a part of at Berkeley, FICO and WiDS.

Workshop Instructor, Datathon Committee, 2024 Ambassador