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May 4, 2022

Basic to Intermediate Level SQL | Sreelaxmi Chakkadath

About This Video

The workshop would focus on the basic to intermediate levels of SQL. We will start with querying a database, using filters to clean the data. Joining different tables. Aggregate functions and use of ‘CASE WHEN’ for better query performances. Subqueries and Common Table Expressions (CTEs) and a comparison between them. Use of window functions. Lead and lag functions and the scenarios when they can be used. Pivot tables and when not to use them!

This workshop was conducted by Sreelaxmi Chakkadath, Data Science Master’s student at Indiana University Bloomington.

Useful resources for this workshop:
– PostgreSQL install link:

In This Video
Data Science Master's Student, Indiana University Bloomington

I am a Data Science master’s student at Indiana University Bloomington. Prior to this, I worked at Accenture as a senior data analyst for 4.5 years. I worked majorly on US healthcare data.

In addition to my master’s degree, I am currently working part-time as an associate instructor, teaching undergraduate students in SQL and basic statistics in R. I’d held positions of leadership in a number of volunteer groups, including IEEE Women in Engineering and the IEEE Special Interest Group for Humanitarian Technologies.