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December 13, 2022

Data Science in Healthcare | Mrs Emily Godson (née Wheaton)

About This Video

The integrated use of data science and machine learning in healthcare has grown in popularity in recent years with many applications becoming engrained in our healthcare systems. Recent advancements in digitalization of healthcare data, production of masses of data from both operational activities in a healthcare setting and at a patient level from sensors and scans etc, has enabled many more applications and research.

In this session we will discuss data science applications in the healthcare industry as well as some of the ethics and considerations required when delivering Data Science solutions in the industry.

This workshop was conducted by Mrs Emily Godson (née Wheaton), Data Scientist / Big Data Mining – Senior at Hitachi Vantara.

In This Video
Data Scientist / Big Data Mining - Senior, Hitachi Vantara

Mrs Emily Godson is a data scientist senior for Hitachi Vantara. She has a background in mathematics and has worked for the past 5+ years delivering data analysis and data science projects to clients. She is currently Lead Data Scientist in a Digital Hospital project for a large NHS teaching hospital in the UK, where a range of machine learning models were developed for Demand and Capacity planning.