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March 20, 2017

Data Science Supporting National Security | Dr. Deborah Frincke | WiDS 2017

About This Video

Dr. Deborah Frincke leads the Research Directorate of the National Security Agency (NSA), the largest “in-house” research organization in the U.S. Intelligence Community. She also serves as the NSA Science Advisor and Innovation Champion, and is a recipient of the President’s Meritorious Rank Award. In her presentation, Dr. Frincke will discuss NSA’s unclassified research programs and describe how the Research Directorate supports national-level missions. She will provide key insights on data science challenges facing NSA and the nation.
Dr. Frincke talks about Mission-Oriented Research; how rock climbing is similar to sorting through messy data; and how adversarial machine learning is an area of active research.

In This Video
Associate Labs Director, National Security Programs, Sandia National Laboratories