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March 7, 2022

Maggie Wang, Skydio | WiDS 2022

About This Video

Maggie Wang talks with Lisa Martin for WiDS 2022 at Stanford University.

In This Video
Autonomy Engineer, Skydio

Maggie is a robotics software engineer at Skydio, an autonomous drone startup in Silicon Valley. With interests in motion planning, control theory, computer vision, and deep learning, her goal is to build robots to expand human consciousness, creativity, and connection. She received her A.B. in Physics and S.M. in Computer Science from Harvard in May 2021. While in college, Maggie led a team to build fixed-wing planes in the Harvard Unmanned Aerial Systems team (now HUAERO) and helped start the Harvard Satellite Team. She also worked on embedded systems and computer vision at Google Nest, researched robust pose estimation in the MIT Robot Locomotion Group, and helped build autonomous underwater robots in the Harvard Self-Organizing Systems Research Group.