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April 13, 2021

Spelling Correction for 100+ Languages | Jingwen Lu

About This Video

Jingwen Lu, Principal Applied Science Manager at Microsoft hosts a workshop on ‘Spelling Correction for 100+ Languages’ in which she takes a detailed tour in how various algorithms spelling correction models are built on and how latest advances in Machine Learning, especially Deep Learning, have greatly helped us to build quality services for 100 plus languages.

In This Video
Principal Applied Science Manager, Microsoft

I’m Principal Applied Science Manager in Search and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft. I am a Applied Science leader who drives key areas of “query rewriting” for Microsoft Bing. My team is responsible for various systems that search users take for granted, ranging from spell correction, synonym expansion, and query intent classification and rewriting, that help you discover rich content on the web. Microsoft has deeply invested in the deep learning wave, with in-house, very large scale pre-trained models for both NLP and natural language generation. We apply state-of-the-art models in production to bring better search results to Microsoft users