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November 23, 2015

The Multi-Facets of a Data Science Project to Answer: How Are Organs Formed | Bin Yu | WiDS 2015

About This Video

In this talk, I present results from a current project co-led by biologist Erwin Frise from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) to answer the fundamental systems biology question in the talk title. We design a lens to decompose spatial gene expression data into meaningful regions that can be used to, for example, automatically label image pixels and construct local gene networks. Our team consists of statisticians, biologists, and computer scientists, and we are also working on
crispr knock-out experiments and an open source software.

In This Video
Chancellor's Distinguished Professor, Class of 1936 Second Chair, Statistics, EECS, CCB, UC Berkeley

Bin Yu is an American Statistician and Data Scientist at University of California at Berkeley. She holds faculty appointments in the departments of Statistics and EECS. Her research focuses on practice, algorithm, and theory of statistical machine learning and causal inference. Her group is engaged in interdisciplinary research with scientists from genomics, neuroscience, and precision medicine.