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Ambassador Program Scope and Guidelines

Read carefully through the guidelines listed below, then click the Apply Now button to submit your application to become a WiDS ambassador.

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WiDS Worldwide Team

The organization, a project at Community Initiatives (CI), which organizes conferences/other programs to spread of its mission worldwide


Community Initiatives (CI)

Women in Data Science Worldwide is fiscally sponsored by Community Initiatives, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



A strategic alliance agreement in which the brand of both organizations is represented as equally prominent.


Event Name

The name assigned to a regional event by the WiDS Worldwide team.



Based on consistent self-identification.


An organization providing funding and/or in-kind donations to support the costs/needs of an event/activity.


WiDS Marks

Names, logos, trademarks, and service marks used by WiDS Worldwide, in any language, to identify or brand WiDS and its programs.



An independent organizer for regional events and other activities. 


WiDS Trademark License

A license given to the Ambassador upon agreement to terms associated with the use of WiDS marks.

Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide is on a mission to increase participation of women in data science to benefit societies worldwide. Increased participation of women in education, innovation and leadership will lead to equal representation in decision making, economic prosperity, and opportunities. Our programs are oriented towards providing inspiration, support, community, education, and career opportunities to our members.

The Ambassador program is designed to allow supporters of the WiDS mission to lead independent activities in their geographic regions. Each Ambassador activity is independently organized, promoted, and hosted. Ambassadors are not an agent or employee of WiDS Worldwide.

This document describes the scope and guidelines of an Ambassador. Key terms used in this document are defined in the “Glossary” at the end of the document. We are happy to answer any questions on the content of this document. Please send an email to the WiDS Worldwide team at


Ambassadors can sign up for a few different types of activities. The activities can include (1) hosting regional conferences, workshops, and networking events, (2) sharing expertise, or (3) collaborating with and developing materials that support the WiDS mission.

Ambassadors are responsible for developing and producing all the event content made available to attendees and participants. This responsibility also includes obtaining all required third party licenses, consents, and permissions.

Ambassadors contribute their time and expertise without compensation from WiDS Worldwide. Ambassadors are responsible for all costs incurred in connection with such activities.

Use of WiDS Marks

The WiDS Marks include the Event Name and WiDS regional event logos, as provided to the Ambassador (and the Ambassador’s team) by the WiDS Worldwide team. To use the WiDS Marks, the Ambassador must agree to the terms of the WiDS Trademark License prior to any such use. The terms of the Trademark License can be found at The WiDS Marks may be used on websites and/or registration pages created for a WiDS regional activities, and may be included in marketing materials, and social media posts promoting the event.

This permission does not include the right to use any of the brands, logos and other designations associated with Community Initiatives (CI). The WiDS Marks are not available to be co-branded and no part of the WiDS Mark can be used in a trademark or service mark.

Social Media/Public Relations

When using social media to promote events and content produced, The WiDS Marks (Event Name and WiDS regional event logo) are available to be used, without modification, in account names and images, during the term of the License.

LinkedIn:  Ambassadors can reference their work with WiDS in their personal LinkedIn profile in the format shown below under “Volunteering”:

Logo Symbol for Women in Data Science Worldwide

Ambassador, WiDS [Region Name]

Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide

[Start – End] Dates

[City, Country]

Responsibilities include hosting and planning local events, organizing meetups, and sharing expertise as aligned with the mission of Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide.

WiDS’ mission is to inspire, educate and support women in data science to increase participation of women in the field. Learn more at  The WiDS trademarks are used under license from WiDS Worldwide.

YouTube: Videos from regional activities can be posted as a YouTube playlist, with a name that is consistent with the Event Name of the WiDS regional event.

Public Relations (PR): Ambassadors may provide the WiDS Marks (WiDS regional event name and logos) to journalists for use in articles that promote or increase awareness of the Ambassador’s regional activities and their intents and purposes. Inquiries and/or interview requests related to the WiDS Worldwide mission should be referred to the WiDS Worldwide team via email to

Funding and Securing Sponsors

Ambassador’s regional events are not-for-profit. Registration fees can be assessed, and sponsorships can be obtained to apply towards the cost of producing, promoting, and hosting the regional event(s). Any funds remaining beyond what was used for the events/activities can be applied towards subsequent regional events/activities or donated to a non-profit whose mission is aligned with WiDS’ mission. Funds may not be directed to the Ambassador for personal benefit.  Without limiting any other remedy available, misuse of funds will result in revoking the status as Ambassador and termination of the WiDS Trademark License.

Ambassadors are responsible for securing sponsors, if and as needed. Ambassadors may decide to invite representatives from sponsor organizations to speak on topics consistent with the event programming.


Speakers, including panelists and research presenters, are required to be women and to talk about their data science research or applications in their respective domains. In addition, non-technical topics that are related to data science, such as personal journeys, navigating career challenges, and professional development are popular and are effective in panel formats at these events.

Ambassadors are responsible for securing and vetting speakers. Ambassadors may opt to pay speakers an honorarium and decide to reimburse the speaker for travel expenses associated with speaking at the conference.

No promotion of a company’s services/products is allowed in or in association with the regional events/activities.

Event Format

The regional events/activities must be held between January 1 and December 15, 2024. Best practices and ideas for regional event agendas are available from the WiDS Worldwide team.

Access to and permission to use the WiDS Marks will be provided by the WiDS Worldwide team after review and approval of the agenda, registration, and/or website submitted by the Ambassador. For use in multiple events, a high-level plan that describes these activities, as well as the associated timeline, will be reviewed as part of the approval process.

Event Websites

Here are the guidelines for setting up the WiDS regional websites to support the events/activities:


  • WiDS regional event logo and Event Name, without modification, must be placed at the top of the website home page.
  • Sponsor and collaborator logos – placed at the bottom of the home page, with the title “Sponsor(s)”, “Co-Sponsors”, or “Collaborators” as appropriate. 

Website content

  • On the “About” page: use the following to describe the Ambassador role with regards to the WiDS Worldwide mission.
    “WiDS [Event Name] is independently organized by [name of Ambassador(s) or the Ambassador’s organization] to be part of the mission to increase participation of women in data science and to feature outstanding women doing outstanding work.”
  • Unacceptable content – websites cannot display content that is illegal, dangerous, derogatory, harassing, salacious, offensive, or otherwise determined by the WiDS Worldwide team to be unacceptable or inappropriate. Website content cannot directly or indirectly identify Ambassador as an agent or employee of WiDS Worldwide.
Use of Content
  • Livestream or webcast sessions of the regional activities can be made available to the public, e.g., YouTube, as permitted in the WiDS Trademark License.
  • Notice and releases required by local laws and regulations are the responsibility of the Ambassador.
  • Ambassadors are responsible for ensuring that all their event/activity content (including videos, photos, music and other third-party trademarks or content) are properly cleared or licensed for use, that associated releases are obtained, and that any trademark, service mark or copyright attribution is properly noted.
  • Photographer credit must be attributed when photographs are published. Ambassadors must be certain to obtain the rights to use an image prior to using the image. Unless the source of the rights to use the image is expressly known, the image cannot be used.

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