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March 8, 2019

Building Trust in the Digital Age | Yinglian Xie | WiDS 2019

About This Video

Yinglian Xie is the CEO and co-founder of DataVisor, the leading AI and big data analytics company that protects consumer-facing enterprises from a variety of fraud, abuse, and money laundering activities.

She shares her insights into the growing problem of highly sophisticated fraud, and how DataVisor‚Äôs innovative technology helps companies fight back. Yinglian founded the AI-based fraud-detection company with an ambitious vision: to stop fraudsters in their tracks and to restore online trust with the help of big data and machine learning. She is set to present DataVisor’s quarterly Fraud Index Report, focusing on how cyber-criminals‚Äô techniques are ever-evolving ‚Äî from basic attacks to the most sophisticated and highly-organized attacks. She will also speak on fraud detection and share which methods work best at each stage, as well as share her vision of how fraud detection will unfold in the coming decade. Yinglian, who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, will also share her business advice and success tips to help others launch, operate, and grow their own businesses.

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CEO and Co-Founder, DataVisor, Inc.