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November 1, 2022

Catching Fire: Autonomous Drones to Detect and Track Wildfires | Mathworks

About This Video

Can drones help prevent natural disasters? Wildfires have become highly destructive in recent years, ravaging the environment and human lives. In this hands-on workshop, build a wildfire detection system with autonomous drones. Explore cutting-edge methods to detect fire outbreaks and predict their direction of spread. Gain skills in simulation and AI that you can apply to life-saving problems.

This workshop was conducted by Shweta Singh, Sheeba Ransing and Arushi Kapurwan from Mathworks.

Resources used for this workshop can be accessed on Github:
Slides for this workshop:

In This Video
Senior Software Engineer, MathWorks

Shweta Singh is a Senior Software Engineer at MathWorks working in product security space to ensure that MathWorks products and services are designed and implemented to the highest possible security standards. Since she joined MathWorks in 2019, she worked in Engineering Development Group where she worked directly with customers to resolve issues related to multiple MATLAB toolboxes. She holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from India and currently working on her Ph.D. thesis with Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Her research focus is to detect undesirable emergent behaviors in system of systems using machine learning. Shweta also have multiple publications in conferences and journals. Prior joining to MathWorks, she worked as an Assistant Professor with Delhi College of Engineering, India and taught various STEM-related courses to undergraduate students.

Shweta has experience delivering multiple workshops. She was a Speaker at GHC 2022 delivering the workshop on utilizing autonomous drones to detect wildfires. Others include Deep Learning and IoT workshop at Ohio State University and Pocket AI and IoT enrichment workshop at Black Girls Code in 2020. Shweta was also part of the team to create GHC 2020 workshop ‘Do You See What I See?’. Outside of work, she also presented in NanoDays at the Museum of Science and Girls Scout conference. She is affiliated with GWISE, Northeastern Chapter, and was invited presenter to CRA-W 2015 and 2016.

Senior Software Engineer, MathWorks

Sheeba Ransing is a Senior Software Engineer at MathWorks, currently working on projects in ROS Toolbox. She has joined MathWorks in 2015, as a Software Engineer in Test at Quality Engineering Group, where she has worked on developing test infrastructure to qualify various products like SOC Blockset, UAV Toolbox, Embedded Targets, ROS Toolbox. She holds her ‘Master’s of Science Degree in Computer Engineering’ from Michigan Tech University, Michigan and her ‘Bachelor’s of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics from Osmania University, India.

Sheeba has her specialization in Embedded System domain. Prior to joining MathWorks, she has four years of professional work experience as a Software developer in Information Technology from India.

From a nascent age, her passion towards Mathematics and Physics has encouraged her to develop keen interest in engineering field. She loves participating in various competitive events and one of the remarkable event was BAJA SAE during the year 2007, which provided a platform for the students to collaborate as a team to design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive a challenging environment. She always looks for an opportunity to give back to STEM community.

During her spare time, she loves working on hobby projects and recently she built a security camera using Raspberry Pi board. She also enjoys experimenting cooking different dishes and host people at home.

Software Development Engineer, MathWorks

Arushi is a Software Development Engineer at MathWorks in the Simscape product family enabling the users to model and simulate multidomain physical systems in the Simulink environment. She plays a major role in advancing the user experience of Simscape products by creating new graphical user interfaces as well as supporting and building infrastructure. Since her joining at MathWorks in 2019 within the Engineering development group, she has worked with customers to solve complex technical issues and gained customer perspective along with deep technical knowledge for a variety of MathWorks products. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining MathWorks she was a project engineer for two years in Honeywell managing process control and automation for oil and gas industries.

In the past, Arushi has delivered a WiDS workshop at Worcester Polytechnic Institute right before the pandemic on “Hands on with Deep learning and IoT”. She has also worked with multiple MathWorks workshop in association with National Society of Black Engineers, Black Girls Code, Grace Hopper celebration, Society of Women Engineers, and others.