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June 28, 2023

Data Visualization in Healthcare

About This Video

As healthcare industry is accumulating digital data, data visualization and analytic tools are now becoming critical. The global healthcare data analytics market is estimated to grow 3.5 times in only six years. The increase in the use of data visualization is due to the COVID-19 pandemic bringing information and data into spotlight to provide meaningful insights. Visualization of data helps healthcare organizations operate effectively by using charts, tables, or graphs to interpret data promptly and support decision making process.

Medical data comes from various sources such as Electronic Health Records systems, hospital management systems, labs, billing systems and registries. In addition, these data reside in various formats and therefore, compatibility is a huge challenge for reporting. Data Visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI help this data to transform into visuals so that decision makers can interpret and analyze data faster. Interactive dashboards are the most regularly used data visualization tools by healthcare organizations. They provide the functionality of interactive reports which can help to display real-time data or show trends over time.

Data visualizations tools like Tableau can facilitate the improvement of patient care by helping medical staff members identify different dangers. Real-time visualization of patient health status can help doctors categorize patients according to treatment plans. Interactive real-time dashboards for patient satisfaction, appointment scheduling, health maintenance for various chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, billing records are much needed tools within healthcare organizations.

In This Video
Senior Data Scientist, Chickasaw Nations Industries (CDC Consultant)

Toral Shah is a healthcare IT Consultant for 15+ years working with healthcare data. She has accomplished several successful implementations of Electronic Health Record transitions, workflows, trainings and quality reports for performance scores and payments. She is a passionate data scientist about problem solving and extracting insights from data to inform decision making.