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Data Visualization

Principles of Good Data Viz | Jenn Schilling

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What key principles of design and data viz do you need to know to create effective and clear graphs? This talk will cover preattentive attributes, Gestalt principles, and principles of color use. It will provide the key concepts from design and data viz research that you need to know to communicate data effectively. The talk will include examples to demonstrate applying the concepts and comparing data viz effectiveness.

This workshop was conducted by Jenn Schilling, Founder of Schilling Data Studio.

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How data visualization helps people understand and explore data

Photographs of Fernanda Viégas, Nicole Crosdale, Jenn Schilling, and Pariza Kambo. With WiDS branded illustrations.

​With the massive amounts of data that are generated and collected today, data visualization is an invaluable tool to help people explore and understand what it all means. Data visualizations can be exploratory to help analyze the data and explanatory to present insights to a broader audience. Both art and science, data visualization turns information into images and helps people see patterns, trends, and outliers in large data sets. Here is a sampling of recent WiDS talks and workshops that delve into different aspects of data visualization.

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How Natural Language Processing is Changing How We Interact with Computers

Photographs of Dora Demszky, Jingwen Lu, Riyanka Bhowal, Rama-Akkiraiu, Vidya Setlur, and Toluiloòpeòi Olguinredlmil. With WiDS branded illustrations

Whether it’s asking Siri about the weather, Google for directions, or a customer service bot about your bank account, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an expected capability across applications today. In WiDS Conference keynotes, workshops and technical talks, experts explore various uses for NLP and how it is shaping how people interact with computers.

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Data Visualization: Turning Information Into Images

Photographs of Miriah Meyer, Fernanda Viégas, Fanny Chevalier, and Nathalie Henry Riche. WIth WiDS branded illustrations in the background.

Data scientists work with large data sets that require computational analysis to gain insights and knowledge that often drive important decisions within organizations in industry, academia, non-profits, and government. In order for these insights to have the desired impact, data scientists need to communicate clearly to be well–and quickly–understood. Data visualization allows data scientists the ability to provide unique views into the data and about the data, turning data sets into insights at-a-glance. ​

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