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March 15, 2022

Estimating Undocumented Human Rights Violations in Conflict Settings | Maria Gargiulo | HRDAG

About This Video

Maria Gargiulo, Statistician, Human Rights Data Analyst Group, presents a Technical Vision Talk at the WiDS Worldwide conference.

Collecting data on human rights violations in conflict settings is difficult and dangerous, and the data that results is often incomplete on multiple levels. Some victims� stories are never recorded, and those whose stories are documented may still be missing critical information about the victim, the perpetrator, or other contextual details about the violation. Furthermore, the data that is documented may not be statistically representative of the victim population as a whole. Drawing population-level inferences from this data without correcting for the missingness risks incorrectly answering questions about patterns of violence.

This talk will demonstrate how multiple systems estimation and multiple imputation can be used together to address both levels of missingness in order to draw population level inferences that are statistically valid and include a measure of uncertainty.

In This Video
Statistician, HRDAG (Human Rights Data Analysis Group)

Maria Gargiulo is a statistician at the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, where she works on record linkage, population size estimation, and uncertainty representation in a variety of international contexts. Before joining HRDAG, Maria conducted field research on intimate partner violence in Nicaragua. She also served as a Data Science Fellow at the United States Census Bureau. Maria holds a Bachelor of Science in statistics and data science and Spanish from Yale University.

You can find her on Twitter @thegargiulian