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November 15, 2023

Getting Started with Streamlit

About This Video

Streamlit is a fantastic Python package that allows us to use native Python to create beautiful interactive front-ends for our data science projects. This tutorial will show you how to get started with Streamlit, so you can start creating your own interactive apps.

In This Video
Lead Data Science Instructor, Digital Futures

Lisa is the lead data science instructor at Digital Futures, with responsibility for the design of our Data Science programme and delivery of a world-class learning experience for our engineers. Lisa has over 10 years experience in the data industry. Lisa has worked with organisations to deliver value from their data, building technical solutions and statistical models to produce actionable insight. In 2018, Lisa discovered her passion for developing individuals in data and begun developing and delivering data courses.

Lisa is passionate about empowering people through digital skills and is a firm believer than anyone can learn to use technology to enrich their processes and workflows. She believes in the importance of ethics in Data Science and that everyone has a duty to act within the best interest of humanity.

Outside of work, she is an avid boulderer and is also often found meandering down Regent’s Canal on her paddleboard.