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May 8, 2024

Low Code Data Analysis for Excel Users Using MATLAB

About This Video

The “Low Code Data Analysis for Excel Users” workshop is a transformative experience designed to empower Excel users with MATLAB’s low code environment for advanced data analysis. This hands-on session will introduce participants to MATLAB’s intuitive interface and versatile toolsets that enhance productivity and data visualization capabilities beyond traditional spreadsheet limitations. Attendees will learn how to seamlessly import Excel data into MATLAB, perform complex analyses with minimal coding, and generate compelling graphics to interpret and present their findings effectively. The workshop is ideal for professionals seeking to leverage the power of MATLAB for data-driven insights while capitalizing on their existing Excel expertise. Join us to unlock new possibilities in data analysis and elevate your analytical skill set with ease.

Access the Pre-Work Resources for this Workshop here

In This Video
Sr. Application Engineer, MathWorks

I am a Sr. Application Engineer with a background in Signal Processing & Machine Learning.

Every day I wake up with the aim to add some knowledge to my skills and improve a bit as a person. Hence, for me “learning” is an everyday practice. My core engineering skills helped me to gain business intelligence, and my journey as a Ph.D. fellow helps me to feel the power of signal processing that could be used to solve real-world problems. During my past experience as an Asst. Prof. in engineering, I have excelled in people skills and presentation skills, and as a Ph.D. fellow, I have improved my technical and soft skills.

My Ph.D. research work at Toronto Metropolitan University is focused on finding the biomarkers or discriminatory hand-crafted features in audio and image data using my Signal processing knowledge. My work revolves around finding the condensed but meaningful information from the signal that makes the signal suitable for ML analysis, classification, and regression tasks.