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December 13, 2022

Principles of Good Data Viz | Jenn Schilling

About This Video

What key principles of design and data viz do you need to know to create effective and clear graphs? This talk will cover preattentive attributes, Gestalt principles, and principles of color use. It will provide the key concepts from design and data viz research that you need to know to communicate data effectively. The talk will include examples to demonstrate applying the concepts and comparing data viz effectiveness.

This workshop was conducted by Jenn Schilling, Founder of Schilling Data Studio.

In This Video
Business Intelligence Manager, Albert

Jenn Schilling is a Senior Research Analyst at the University of Arizona, a Data Science Mentor at RStudio, an adjunct faculty member at the College for Creative Studies, and the founder of Schilling Data Studio, a data visualization training and consulting agency. Jenn has over a decade of experience in data visualization and data science and enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge with others to support better data communication.