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March 12, 2019

Technology Driven Business Opportunities for the Next Decade | Padmasree Warrior | WiDS 2019

About This Video

Padmasree shares technology driven business creation opportunities for the next decade. Over the next few years, we will see the emergence of new global mega businesses that will be built on innovations around Data, AI/ML and Blockchain. This will transform many industries including transportation, healthcare, content, education, transactions and others. Existing models of social networks and digital advertising will face significant headwinds. In light of heightened user awareness about value of personal data, concerns regarding privacy, increased pressure for governmental regulations; how do we as technologists proactively address these issues? What significant leadership roles can women occupy in these technical domain, as entrepreneurs and business leaders?

Padmasree Warrior is the former Chief Executive Officer of NIO U.S., and former Chief Development Officer and Board Member of NIO, a manufacturer of electric and autonomous vehicles.

In This Video
President and CEO at Fable

As a leader, I am passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and global business. I am a tireless advocate on behalf of women in technology.