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April 13, 2021

Why we love arrays for data science | Eileen Martin

About This Video

Eileen Martin, Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech hosts a workshop on ‘Why we love arrays for data science’ in which she walks through some of the basics of computer architecture and how it affects the performance of our codes for common data analysis techniques.

In This Video
Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Eileen Martin is an assistant professor at Virginia Tech in the Department of Mathematics and Division of Computational Modeling and Data Analytics. She is a Luther and Alice Hamlett Junior Faculty Fellow in Virginia Tech’s Academy of Integrated Science. Her research focuses on computational science for applications in earth science, energy, and infrastructure. She serves as an associate editor for Computers & Geosciences. She earned her PhD in computational and mathematical engineering at Stanford in 2018, where she was a member of the Stanford Exploration Project seismic imaging group. She holds an MS in geophysics from Stanford, and a BS with a double-major in mathematics and computational physics from UT-Austin.