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March 8, 2023

Women in Data Science | Stories of Women from Around the Globe | WiDS Stanford 2023

About This Video

Hear stories of women in data science from around the Globe!

Becki Cook: Brisbane, Australia
Staying Connected Through Community Outreach

Philomena Mbura: Nairobi, Kenya
Finding Work/Life Balance

Amanda Milberg: Colorado, USA
Building a Supportive Network

In This Video
Centre Manager, QUT Centre for Data Science

My career in education has developed over 13 years and spans across roles in secondary and tertiary institutions. I am a qualified teacher with a strong work ethic and proven ability to meet expectations and sustain results. I pride myself on my ability to demonstrate a consistent focus on leading reflective, evidence based and ethical practice. As a Nunukul Aboriginal woman I am strong in my identity and proud of my cultural heritage. This drives my passion to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples on their higher education journeys, and my commitment to student success.

Data Scientist, Dataiku

Data scientist with a strong interest in NLP and AI / Machine Learning business solutions. I have previous academic and professional experience with Java, Python, C, Neo4j, SQL, HTML / CSS, Dash, and JavaScript and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Colgate University.