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WiDS Videos

With our extensive collection of talks from Conferences, Workshops, and Datathons, you can easily search by topic and language. Delve into the innovative technical work of thousands of exceptional women in academia, industry, government, and nonprofits across the globe. Explore our archive of videos and discover outstanding women in data science, AI, and technical fields worldwide.

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Tackling the WiDS Datathon Challenge 2021 | Usha Rengaraju


An introduction to Data Mesh | Zhamak Dehghani

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Wrangling, Foundations (Mathematics/Statistics), Software Design and Engineering

Evolution of Applied Recommender Systems | Walmart

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Generation/Collection, Data Wrangling, Foundations (Mathematics/Statistics), Values

Why I love Linear Algebra, Part I | Margot Gerritsen, Stanford

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Science as a Career, Foundations (Mathematics/Statistics)

Design Thinking for Data Science Problems | Sita Syal

TOPICS: Data Science as a Career, Foundations (Mathematics/Statistics), Values

Automating Machine Learning | Madeleine Udell

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Generation/Collection, Foundations (Mathematics/Statistics), Values

Why we love arrays for data science | Eileen Martin

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Generation/Collection, Data Science as a Career, Hardware, Values

Data Analysis for Health, with a Focus on Covid | Stanford School of Medicine

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Generation/Collection

Spelling Correction for 100+ Languages | Jingwen Lu

TOPICS: Algorithms