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WiDS Datathon College and University Course Integration

WiDS Datathon challenges are based on well-curated, real-world datasets that are not readily available in the public domain. Competitions are hosted on Kaggle and teams are required to have at least 50% women. Participating in a WiDS Datathon is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain experience and see an application to a real and critical challenge! Learn about this year’s challenge tasks.

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The Challenges

Colleges and universities can interact and work with the WiDS Datathon challenges in multiple ways:

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WiDS Datathon

#1: January 9 – March 1, 2024
#2: April 9 – June 1, 2024

These challenges can be offered as a 1-unit course or project in undergraduate or graduate courses that provide a first entry to data science. Similar datasets will be used in both datathon sprints. You are welcome to participate in one–or both–sprints.

Audience: First entry to data science, data analytics, or machine learning
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WiDS Datathon++

September 18, 2023 – June 30, 2024

This challenge, available only to colleges and universities, can be offered as a project in more advanced undergraduate or graduate courses. It can also serve as a capstone course, the base of an honors thesis, independent research, directed research, or a standalone 3-unit course. The challenge will be designed not just to support the competition, but also to prompt discussions to generate additional insights and to understand the real-world implications of the results.

Audience: Advanced students
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Why integrate the datathon into your course curricula?

  • Provide a unique learning experience: integrate a hands-on project with unique data that is relatively unexplored, and in a fun, competition setting
  • Access to data: well-curated and designed real–world data not available (therefore not accessible) to the public
  • Enhance curriculum: incorporate different and collaborative ways to learn, with a potential to be used as a capstone project
  • Broad applicability: options for both beginner and advanced level data science students
  • Access to global community: expose students to diverse perspectives

WiDS Datathon Instructor Resources

We are excited to be a resource to help you and your students succeed! The WiDS Datathon team provides a variety of resources for educational instructors, including:​

Implementation Guide

Easy step-by-step instructions and guidance about how to bring the WiDS Datathon to your course.

Tutorials and Class Resources

We will provide a kit of technical tutorials and skill-building materials.

Monthly Meetups & Community

Discuss best practices, bring your questions and interact with other course instructors and mentors!

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