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​Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide

empowers women to reach their full potential in the field of data science. We elevate and celebrate the outstanding work of women on a global scale, fostering respect, collaboration, connection, and visibility. The WiDS community creates access to programs, content, and resources that inspire, educate and support, so that vibrant voices and ideas can be shared with the world.

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Get inspired from outstanding women discussing their exceptional work in data science and related fields, in a wide variety of research domains.


Central Conferences

A distributed annual conference network with nearly 200 regional events worldwide in more than 50 countries, reaching 100,000 participants annually.

Regional Conferences

Regional conferences are planned and organized by our WiDS Ambassadors. Find an event in your region and connect with your community.



The WiDS Datathon is an opportunity to discover and hone data science skills while solving an interesting and critical social impact challenge.

Upskill Workshops

Workshops provide a supportive environment to foster inclusivity and focus on skill development for women in the field of data science.

WiDS NextGen

Education outreach program promoting careers in data science, AI, and related fields for secondary school students.

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Ambassador Program

WiDS Ambassadors plan and host events in their regions supporting women who are currently ​in the field and ​inspiring other women to become data scientists.

WiDS NextGen

Education outreach program promoting careers in data science, AI, and related fields for secondary school students.

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Explore Topics

Find content based on topics of interest, curated and organized around overarching concepts in data science. Resources for every level, from beginner to advanced.


Our podcast series featuring worldwide data science leaders talking about their work, their journeys, and lessons learned along the way.


Discover the diverse impact of data science across various domains such as healthcare, finance, human rights, and beyond.


We share news, events, and inspiring WiDSTORY stories showcasing the impact WiDS has on women’s lives and communities.

Career Opportunities

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For Candidates

WiDS Uplink helps connect our community members to jobs, internships and practical training opportunities in industry, academia, nonprofits and government.

For Employers

Looking to hire employees that match your company’s mission? Our new opportunity platform allows you to post jobs and search resumes to discover employees.

WiDS Datathon Challenge #2 Winners Panel Discussion

    Workshop Video

Climate Change and Cancer

    Workshop Video

Low Code Data Analysis for Excel Users Using MATLAB

    Workshop Video

WiDS Blog

Discover and Get Inspired

Learn from data science leaders from around the world talking about their work, their journeys, and lessons learned along the way.

Chisoo Lyons, New Executive Director of Women in Data Science Worldwide

    Data Science as a Career

Grishma Jena: Catalyzing Impact and Creating Opportunity with WiDS


WiDS Datathon++ University Edition 2024 Winners


EP. 51

Listen to Karin Golde, a linguistic expert and AI entrepreneur, as she discusses the rise of large language models (LLMs) and the impact of ChatGPT. Karin reflects on the unexpected popularity of LLMs and the role of OpenAI. The challenges and limitations of LLMs are discussed, including the need for human understanding emphasizing the need for diverse perspectives and cultural understanding in AI development. Karin shares her personal experience of using LLMs and highlights the importance of balancing innovation with regulation in the AI industry. Karin concludes the podcast sharing about her career journey and her recent transition to working as an independent consultant. She offers advice for women considering leadership roles and emphasizes the importance of thinking broadly about one’s place in an organization.

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