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WiDSTORY | June 25, 2024

WiDS Ambassador Event Highlights: June

WiDS Lagos @ DataDiva

WiDS Lagos @ DataDiva, held at the University of Lagos and virtually, welcomed 25 female students, 95% of whom had no prior technical experience. The program introduced them to computational thinking, computer systems, Python, AI, data science concepts, EDA, Jupyter notebooks, linear regression models, and data exploration with Excel. The students expressed excitement about their learning and future opportunities, seen in their video here.


The 8th annual WiDS @ AUB conference, hosted by the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut, focused on Data Science in Humanitarian Crises. It featured over 25 global experts and attracted 1,800 registrants from 24 countries. Topics included machine learning for remote monitoring in conflict zones, healthcare improvement during crises, ethical AI considerations, and interdisciplinary collaboration for impactful crisis management assessments.

WiDS Lisbon

The WiDS Lisbon event at Factory Lisbon, Hub Criativo do Beato, brought together an estimated 30 attendees and talented female data scientists to share knowledge and forge connections. Events like these celebrate and amplify women’s contributions in data science, fostering a diverse and inclusive future in technology. The organizers look forward to an even better event in 2025.

WiDS Delhi @ Mastercard

Mastercard Al Garage hosted the WiDS Delhi @ Mastercard conference on “AI Revolution” at their Gurgaon office. The event featured women leaders in AI and Data Science, offering insightful speaker sessions and panel discussions. With over 100 participants, the conference highlighted the importance of diversity and innovation in AI, leaving attendees inspired and better equipped for future challenges.

WiDS Buenos Aires

For this WiDS Buenos Aires regional conference edition, the meeting was a collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. It covered topics from both faculties and professional challenges. Academic experiences related to health and transportation planning were highlighted. Attendees appreciated how data science aids government institutions in solving citizens’ problems. It was encouraging to see more women joining each year to share their experiences and inspire the community.

WiDS Ecuador

Over 100 people attended the “Women in Data Science Ecuador – Cuenca Edition” event, highlighting women’s roles in data science and the metaverse’s future. Organized by the Ecuadorian Society of Statistics, with support from six sponsors, the event featured four conferences and a panel discussion on AI’s impact across various fields, including business intelligence, education, and fintech.

The panel, “Female Metaverse: The New Data Heroines,” discussed women’s emerging leadership in the metaverse. This event fostered knowledge sharing and strengthened the community of women in data science in Ecuador. Watch the conference video here.

WiDS KSA @ Arab Open University

WiDS KSA @ Arab Open University concluded a successful Datathon Workshop, with over three-quarters of the participants being female.

Day 1 featured a welcome to WiDS, Kaggle sessions, and “Python Essentials.” Day 2 focused on practical application with dataset learning, the Datathon Challenge, and team collaboration. The hands-on activities helped participants enhance their skills and foster a strong sense of community.

WiDS Arlington

This was the 4th annual WiDS Arlington regional event, independently organized by CNA Corporation, aimed to increase women’s participation in data science and highlight their exceptional work. This year, CNA Corporation featured esteemed Data Scientist Kim Bianchi, who discussed her journey, challenges, and projects.

WiDS London

WiDS London conducted a NextGen data analytics literacy workshop for high school students aged 12-18.  To boost interaction, an online quiz based on the discussed topics was included, which successfully increased engagement. Attendees gained insights into the data analytics industry and the daily tasks of data analysts.