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How Avalon Baldwin Used Curiosity, Mentorship, & Education to Build Her Career

Avalon Baldwin

Founder at Curious Evaluation
About this episode

Listen to the incredible and inspiring journey of Avalon Baldwin’s career journey. A self-described data nerd, she was not only the first in her family to attend college, she went on to get a graduate degree. Today she is an entrepreneur running her own consulting company. In conversation with Chisoo Lyons, Avalon shares how curiosity, mentorship, and coaching made a difference in her life.

  • Exploring factors like how data is collected, the intention behind collecting a specific data point instead of another one, and how they can influence analysis and interpretation.
  • Working with students as individuals and promoting self-agency, as able to influence their own future. 
  • Avalon describes her journey to become the first in her family to be a college student
  • Advice on finding a mentor.

About the Guest

Avalon Baldwin has a master’s degree in positive developmental psychology and evaluation from the Claremont Graduate University. She received her bachelor’s degree in biopsychology from Mills College. Avalon’s consulting company, which she just recently launched, is called Curious Evaluation. Avalon provides consulting services for nonprofit organizations to help in evaluating the impact of their programs using data and science by framing the effort around the organization’s mission, goals and values.

About the Host
Chisoo Lyons

New co-host and the WiDS Chief of Programs, Chisoo Lyons spent years in consulting services, working with clients including leading banks and financial services organizations worldwide. She held several leadership positions in consulting, research, solution development, and business-line management. She kick-started her career as a data analyst at FICO. Today, at WiDS, she remains dedicated to supporting and empowering women in data science.

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