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WiDSTORY | February 12, 2024

Meet Dr. Zaher Ali Al-Sai

Tell us about your background.

Dr. Zaher Ali Al-Sai, an Assistant Professor of Big Data and Software Engineering at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science specializing in Big Data Science and Engineering from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Beyond her academic role, she is a driving force as the founder of Arabian Women in Data Science and AI, dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment for the advancement of women in these fields. Moreover, she champions KiDS in Data Science, an innovative initiative aimed at introducing the foundational concepts of data science to young and aspiring minds.

In what ways have you seen others in your community affected by your WiDS events?

Dr. Zaher’s WiDS events catalyzed a wave of transformation within the community. Her workshops and events resonated deeply, empowering individuals to explore and embrace data science. This influence extended beyond WiDS, affecting the wider data science community, inspiring individuals to pursue careers in data science and fostering a spirit of collaboration and learning.

How has your work with WiDS influenced your life and career?

Dr. Zaher’s involvement with WiDS has been a pivotal factor in her personal and professional growth. Her role as a WiDS Ambassador has expanded her network, elevated her impact on empowering women in data science, and provided avenues for global recognition. It has been a catalyst for her commitment to fostering an inclusive environment in tech-related fields.

What are you eager to do in the future for your communities?

Looking ahead, Dr. Zaher remains committed to expanding her outreach and impact. Her vision as WiDS Jordan Ambassador encompasses organizing more events in Jordanian schools and universities, as well as furthering the reach of Arabian Women in Data Science and AI and KiDS in Data Science initiatives. These efforts aim to inspire and educate more women and young minds about the potentials and wonders of data science, fostering inclusive and knowledge-driven communities.

What were the most successful aspects of your WiDS 2023 events?

As a WiDS Ambassador in Jordan from 2020 to the present day, Dr. Zaher Ali Al-Sai has played a pivotal role in empowering women in her region through her dedicated efforts in the field of data science. Her impactful journey with WiDS has been marked by transformative initiatives that have significantly influenced and empowered aspiring data scientists, particularly women, fostering change and knowledge empowerment.

Throughout WiDS 2023, Dr. Zaher orchestrated a series of impactful events and initiatives that not only empowered aspiring data scientists but also resonated deeply with the broader community. Her workshops, conferences, job fairs, networking events, and Datathon Workshops stood as transformative platforms, encouraging individuals to explore the world of technology and data analytics. Furthermore, her initiatives with Arabian Women in Data Science and AI and KiDS in Data Science showcased a commitment to fostering inclusive environments and educating both women and young minds in data science.

Please share information about any highly impactful data science projects, stories or people in your community.

Dr. Zaher Ali Al-Sai’s community has been enriched by several impactful data science projects, stories, and individuals:

Empowering Women Initiatives: WiDS Jordan stand as highly impactful initiatives within Dr. Zaher’s community. This initiative has significantly empowered women fostering an inclusive space for learning and advancement in data science. Moreover, Dr. Zaher spearheaded initiatives like Arabian Women in Data Science and AI, providing a supportive platform for women to excel in the data science and AI domains. These initiatives have empowered women to pursue careers in these fields, fostering inclusivity and diversity.

KiDS in Data Science: Through this innovative initiative, Dr. Zaher has engaged with young minds, introducing them to the fundamental concepts of data science. This program has ignited curiosity among children and teenagers, inspiring them to explore the world of data and technology.

Highly Engaging Workshops and Seminars: Dr. Zaher’s workshops and seminars, focused on data science and AI, have brought together enthusiasts, professionals, and academics, creating an environment for learning and collaboration. These events have been instrumental in disseminating knowledge and fostering a vibrant community of data enthusiasts.

Collaborations with Academic Institutions: Dr. Zaher’s collaborations with various academic institutions have paved the way for impactful research projects in data science and business analytics. These collaborations have resulted in cutting-edge research, contributing significantly to the advancement of the field.

Mentorship and Networking: Dr. Zaher’s mentorship programs and networking events have connected aspiring data scientists with seasoned professionals, providing guidance and opportunities for skill development and career growth.

These impactful projects and initiatives have not only created a positive ripple effect within Dr. Zaher’s community but have also made a substantial contribution to the broader landscape of data science, fostering learning, collaboration, and empowerment.