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WiDSTORY | June 20, 2024

How Khairat Ayinde is Transforming Data Science Communities Through WiDS

Tell us about your background.

I am a Senior Data Analyst with expertise in providing insights and recommendations that drive business strategy, key factors that drive predictive consumer behavior and develop data-driven strategies to improve business performance.

In what ways have you seen others in your community affected by your WiDS events?

WiDS events in our community have made a significant impact, extending beyond participants to resonate with the broader data science community as a source of inspiration, increased participation, skill advancement, skill advancement, networking and visibility. WiDS events have acted as catalysts for positive change within our community.

How has your work with WiDS influenced your life and career?

My involvement with WiDS has been transformative, profoundly impacting both my personal and professional spheres:

  • Engaging with WiDS events, the exposure to diverse perspectives and technical challenges has elevated my proficiency in the field.
  • WiDS has provided invaluable networking opportunities, connecting me with like-minded professionals and experts in the data science community. These connections have fostered collaboration and facilitated knowledge exchange.
  • Taking leadership roles as a WiDS Ambassador has been instrumental in developing my leadership skills. Organizing conferences, workshops, and mentorship programs has enhanced my ability to plan, coordinate, and execute impactful initiatives. Contributing to initiatives that inspire, educate, and empower individuals in data science aligns with my passion for fostering diversity and excellence in the field.
  • Being part of WiDS has also increased my visibility within the data science community. In essence, my journey with WiDS has been a continuous learning experience, shaping not only my technical skills but also my leadership capabilities and sense of community impact.
What are you eager to do in the future for your communities?

I am eager to expand educational initiatives through the launch of more data science workshops, webinars, and training programs to enhance skills within the community. We also look forward to Collaborating with educational institutions to introduce data science curriculum and foster early interest in the field.

  • We would also love to diversify our mentorship program and promote cross-industry mentorship to provide a holistic understanding of data science applications.
  • Organizing regular networking events that foster connections and collaborations among data science enthusiasts, professionals, and industry experts, strengthen ties with local businesses, creating opportunities for community members to engage with real-world data challenges.
  • Initiate community-driven data science projects addressing local challenges and contributing to societal well-being. Encourage participation in global data science competitions, showcasing the community’s talent on an international stage.
What were the most successful aspects of your WiDS 2023 events?

Most of our community members are beginners and are in the learning phase, it was exciting to share DataCamp free licenses, monitor their learning through different data fields, set assignments and have monthly learning catchups with them. About 3 have taken a certification exam and others completed data tracks. We are eager to share bigger achievements and projects they would be sharing as we keep close update with them.

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