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March 8, 2024

Digital Economies Panel: Nicole Carignan, Zanele Munyikwa, Sandra Moerch

About This Video

WiDS Worldwide, Stanford Panel: Digital Economies Panelists:

  • Nicole Carignan, VP Strategic Cyber AI, Darktrace
  • Zanele Munyikwa, PhD Candidate in Information Technologies, MIT
  • Sandra Moerch, Global Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk Education Experiences

Moderated by: Margot Gerritsen, Professor Emerita & WiDS Co-Founder, Stanford University

In This Video
VP Strategic Cyber AI, Darktrace

Talk Title: Securing the Future of AI: The Role of Data Science

Abstract: The emergence of ChatGPT brought generative AI to the masses allowing many to experiment with these tools for the first time– consumers, businesses, and adversaries alike. Malicious actors have already started to take advantage of open-source generative AI tools to launch attacks with greater sophistication and speed. This has resulted in a rise in phishing emails, novel social engineering attacks, and hackers creating their own malicious ChatGPT clones – with further misuse expected. Luckily, adversaries are not the only ones who can use AI to their advantage.

In this presentation, Nicole will discuss how security teams can apply AI in their security operations to harden their defenses and increase automation to help defend in machine speed, and uplift stretched security teams. Transparency and integrity of AI is integral in building trust to ensure teams embrace AI-powered solutions. Data scientists play a crucial role in ensuring the responsibility and security of AI tools, working to foster an environment of collaboration between humans and machines. Data science has emerged as a linchpin in helping to ensure the integrity of AI solutions and in turn, data scientists have become crucial in protecting our digital future.

Bio: Nicole Carignan is the VP of Strategic Cyber AI for Darktrace, and she has 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, networks, computer science, data science/artificial intelligence and IT supporting numerous private and public institutions in cybersecurity solutions and data science. She has 20 years of federal USG experience. Her expertise in Cyber Threat Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Defense in Depth Solutions, Operations Engineering, and Network Security products gives her insight into technology, tools, and techniques for unique solutions. In this role, she serves in executive leadership for the application of artificial intelligence to cyber security through thought leadership, product strategy, research, and communications.

PhD Candidate in Information Technologies, MIT

Talk Title: Shaping Tomorrow with Data-Driven Insights: Navigating the Future of Work in the Digital Era

Abstract: In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, we stand at a critical juncture—an era defined by rapid technological change, where the impact of these innovations is not predetermined but is profoundly shaped by the decisions we make at both organizational and governmental levels. This juncture offers us both the promise of innovation and heightened productivity, as well as the concerns of diminishing job satisfaction and growing inequality.

Amidst this dynamic backdrop, data-driven insights emerge as indispensable tools for navigating this transformative period and crafting a more equitable and sustainable future of work. Through a compelling case study on the emergence and adoption of generative AI, Zanele will discuss how harnessing the power of data, drawn from administrative records, alternative data sources, surveys, and experiments, can reveal the current state of work and serve as a compass for fostering a more productive workforce that embodies principles of fairness and inclusivity in the digital era.

Join us as we delve into the dynamic interplay between data-driven insights and the future of work in the digital economy, guiding us towards a more equitable and promising digital future.

Bio: Zanele Munyikwa is currently a PhD candidate in Information Technologies at MIT Sloan School of Management, supported by the MIT Sloan Doctoral Fellowship and Accenture Convergence Fellowship. She serves as a graduate research affiliate at both the Stanford Digital Economy Lab and MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. Her research, situated at the intersection of economics, computer science, and management science, focuses on the economic impact of AI on labor markets. Zanele employs advanced methodologies, including data science techniques such as online experiments and machine learning, for causal inference in observational data. Prior to her doctoral studies, Zanele worked as a Research Fellow at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She holds a BS in Computer Science with honors from Duke University and a Master of Science in Management Research.

Global Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk Education Experiences

Talk Title: Is AI Killing our Purpose?

Abstract: In this thought-provoking talk, we’ll delve into the profound question of whether AI poses a threat to our fundamental purpose and the creativity we possess as humans. Exploring the delicate balance between technological advancement and humanity, we’ll examine the potential impact AI has on our ability to innovate, create, and find meaning in our lives. Drawing from philosophical, ethical, and technological perspectives, we’ll reflect on the role of AI in shaping our future and gain a nuanced understanding of how these advancements may influence core aspects of our creativity. As automation and AI continue to evolve, it’ll greatly impact especially creative jobs and might even reshape industries that’ll necessitate new skillsets, and ways of working. Balancing the promise of increased efficiency with the displacement of jobs, we’ll assess the economic implications and talk about how we navigate the evolving relationship between AI and human purpose.

Bio: Award winning tech marketer and content expert Sandra Moerch is a purpose driven education marketing leader at Autodesk. With a background in enterprise software, technical product management, DEI, education and sustainability, her career spans many industries and facets of business. Sandra has worked in technology for her entire decade-long career, and joined stages around the world from Davos, to MWC, to SXSW, where she has inspired brands to infuse a sense of purpose into their core business strategies, and empowered the next generation to lead responsibly when building and adopting the latest technology trends. Personally, Sandra lives by the mantra “Think global, act local”, and is passionate about making a tangible impact through volunteering.