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September 14, 2023

Women as Financial Decision-Makers: Unlocking Higher Returns and Lower Risk with the XX Edge

About This Video

In this tech vision talk, Ruth Shaber and Patience Marine-ball discuss how data proves that women are excellent financial decision-makers. This means that when women are on investment teams, or in government or in business, money is managed more effectively and with less risk. This is the power of The XX Edge.

In This Video
President and Founder, Tara Health Foundation

Ruth Shaber, MD, is a changemaker and innovator, moving from a robust career as an OBGYN and senior executive at Kaiser Permanente to empowering women across finance and healthcare. Currently, she is the founder and president of Tara Health Foundation, a philanthropic investment group that uses evidence-informed programs to promote women’s well-being and opportunities. She is also the co-founder and board chair of Rhia Ventures, a collective of foundations and investors committed to bringing new types of capital to the reproductive health field.

Chief Executive Office, Women of the World Endowment

Patience Marime-Ball has dedicated her career to finding ways to use the levers of finance to create a more equal world. A seasoned investor, she has worked alongside investment leaders across the globe to catalyze investment in undercapitalized communities in ways that recognize all people as essential drivers of our global economy.