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See Our Past Datathon Events

Explore our archive and find years of central and regional WiDS Datathon workshops, including information about speakers, agendas, sponsors, and any content from the conferences.

Date Event Name Location Event Type
2023 WiDS Datathon 2023: Adapting to Climate Change by Improving Extreme Weather Forecasts Online Datathon
2022 WiDS Datathon 2022: Using Data Science to Mitigate Climate Change Online Datathon
2021 WiDS Datathon 2021: Identifying Diabetes Condition to Provide Better Care for ICU Patients Online Datathon
2020 WiDS Datathon 2020: Predicting Patient Survival in Intensive Care Units (ICU)’s Online Datathon
2019 WiDS Datathon 2019: Predicting Deforestation by Identifying Oil Palm Plantation Online Datathon
September 15, 2023 WiDS Datathon 2024 Instructor Informational Session Online Datathon University Workshop
January 6, 2023 WiDS Beijing Beijing, China Datathon Workshop
January 13, 2023 WiDS @ Stanford Data Science Stanford, USA Datathon Workshop
January 16, 2023 WiDS Salem Salem, USA Datathon Workshop
January 21, 2023 WiDS Sri Lanka Negombo, Sri Lanka Datathon Workshop
January 25, 2023 WiDS Lima @ UP Lima, Peru Datathon Workshop
January 26, 2023 WiDS Charlotte @ Bank of America Charlotte, USA Datathon Workshop
January 16, 2023 WiDS West Lafayette @ Purdue University West Lafayette, USA Datathon Workshop
January 28, 2023 WiDS Bareilly @ MJP Rohilkhand University Bareilly, India Datathon Workshop
January 28, 2023 WiDS Riyadh Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Datathon Workshop
January 31, 2023 WiDS New York @ IBM NYC, USA Datathon Workshop
February 2, 2023 WiDS Livermore Livermore, USA Datathon Workshop
January 27, 2023 WiDS Kenya Nairobi, Kenya Datathon Workshop
February 3, 2023 WiDS Maastricht Maastricht, Netherlands Datathon Workshop
February 4, 2023 WiDS Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria Datathon Workshop
February 7, 2023 WiDS @ Google Cupertino, USA Datathon Workshop
February 11, 2023 WiDS Hanoi Ha Noi, Vietnam Datathon Workshop
February 11, 2023 WiDS Hubballi Hubballi, India Datathon Workshop
February 10, 2023 WiDS Porto Alegre Porto Alegre, Brazil Datathon Workshop
February 12, 2023 WiDS Al-Kharj @ PSAU Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Datathon Workshop
February 14, 2023 WiDS Dhahran @ KFUPM Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Datathon Workshop