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Tune in, and get inspired with WiDS

Get to know the women behind the data science. Leading women in data science share their work, advice, and lessons learned. Hear about how data science is being applied and having impact across a wide range of domains. Join hosts Margot Gerritsen and Chisoo Lyons in the open and informal conversations with our many inspiring guests.

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EP. 32

TOPICS: Data Science as a Career, Featured, Values

Karina Edmonds, Global Head of Academies and University Alliances at SAP, has spent her career building bridges between business and academia. She is passionate about promoting fairness in data science by bringing more young people, women, and underrepresented groups into the field.

EP. 31

Fatima Abu Salem, a professor at the American University of Beirut, talks about how the conflict in the region has shaped her life journey and motivates her to apply data science for the public good to address challenges in Lebanon.​

EP. 30

Louvere Walker-Hannon, Application Engineering Team Leader at MathWorks, teacher and STEM Ambassador, talks about acquiring skills and overcoming barriers to work in data science.

EP. 29

TOPICS: Data Generation/Collection, Data Science as a Career

Menglin Cao, Senior VP and Head of AI and NLP Model Development at Wells Fargo, discusses the central role of data science in fintech and financial services, and best practices for success.

EP. 28

Karen Hao, Senior Editor at MIT Technology Review, discusses her experiences covering the latest research and social impacts of AI, and ethics washing in the tech industry.

EP. 27

Cecilia Aragon, a professor in the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle, explains how overcoming her fears to become an aerobatic pilot propelled her forward in her career as a data scientist, professor, and author.

EP. 26

Kristian Lum, a statistician and former research assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, describes how following her interests has led her on an ever-changing career path across business, public service, and academia.

EP. 25

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Generation/Collection

Lillian Carrasquillo, Insights Manager for Spotify’s Personalized Home team, explains how Spotify uses human-centric data science to create meaningful experiences for their listeners and creators.

EP. 24

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Generation/Collection, Data Wrangling

Femke Vossepoel, Professor in Geoscience and Engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, explains how data assimilation tools can be used to improve COVID-19 forecasting models.

Podcast Hosts

Professor Margot Gerritsen

Margot Gerritsen was born and raised in the Netherlands, and after getting her PhD at Stanford, she.spent time in New Zealand in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Auckland, returning to Stanford in 2001 as faculty member in Energy Resources Engineering. Margot specializes in the development of computational methods for renewable and fossil energy production. She is also active in coastal ocean dynamics and yacht design, as well as several other areas in computational mathematics including search algorithm design and matrix computations. Margot also Chairs the Board of Trustees for SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics).

Chisoo Lyons

Chisoo was born in South Korea and grew up living in Indonesia, Germany, and Jordan, before moving to the US. She attended University of California Berkeley and received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and continued with her master’s focusing on Operations Research. Living in different parts of the world cultivated her ever-present curiosity about people and cultures. Chisoo worked for FICO, a global analytic and decision management company, applying data science to developing, consulting, and implementing decision support solutions for her clients. Her corporate career culminated in leadership roles managing innovation and lines of business. Now, as the Chief Program Director of Women in Data Science, Chisoo is thrilled to be in service of a global community of amazing women doing extraordinary work in the field of data science.