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WiDS Videos

With our extensive collection of talks from Conferences, Workshops, and Datathons, you can easily search by topic and language. Delve into the innovative technical work of thousands of exceptional women in academia, industry, government, and nonprofits across the globe. Explore our archive of videos and discover outstanding women in data science, AI, and technical fields worldwide.

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Empowering Women to Shape the Future through Data (Science)

TOPICS: Data Science as a Career, Domains, Values

NLP and Education — Beyond Right or Wrong: Leveraging Language Models to Enhance the Learning Process

TOPICS: Algorithms

Low Code No Code AI

TOPICS: Algorithms

Student Assignment Design and Public Sector Research Collaborations

TOPICS: Algorithms, Domains

Sentiment Analysis: Customer Survey Questions

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Wrangling, Foundations (Mathematics/Statistics)

Generative AI, NLP, and Insights

TOPICS: Algorithms, Data Generation/Collection

The Evolution of Conversational Agents: From Clippy to ChatGPT and Beyond


How to Teach Yourself Natural Language Processing

TOPICS: Algorithms

Seeking Humanity via Technology: How AI Can Be Used to Reduce Maternal Mortality

TOPICS: Algorithms